Ecology since tender age

What we are should to do to keep clean water in rivers and lakes? How to keep green space and why the planet needs in wetlands? About this and not only guys from school’s healthful camps Central district had found out during of the ecological action “Save the planet”. Director regional social association “Homel’s association of children and young” (ASDEMO) Vladimir Kovzelev had laid emphasize that planet Earth claims careful attitude to herself. Purposely saving the planet was arranged World Environment Day. Had turning to the guys, Vladimir added, that they also can take part in the process of saving natural resources: “Nowadays to be healthful – means to guard ecology. From it direct depends than we breathe, which foods we employ and how clean water we drink. So, before to throw rubbish past the urn, think about which harm it can bring. When you have a rest on the nature, you also shouldn’t infringe her primeval appearance. Even threwed polyethylene bags, which decay in ground for a long time, can have a bad influence on the wood’s condition”.

In addition to, guys learned about researches of saving water’s resources, which lead ASDEMO. Then pupils took a part in quiz on ecological theme and got news-bulletins, prizes and gifts.

“Our cardinal object – to come into notice of young to problem of pollution,” noticed Vladimir Kovzelev. “For get it help not only arrangements, which we guide in play form, but colorful server material. It’s necessary to form in children from tender ages to handle with care to native ground. Only then we will save our planet for future generation”.